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Month: January 2015

“I Hunt Sys Admins”

[Edit 8/13/15] – Here is how the old version 1.9 cmdlets in this post translate to PowerView 2.0: Get-NetGroups  ->  Get-NetGroup Get-UserProperties  ->  Get-UserProperty Invoke-UserFieldSearch  ->  Find-UserField Get-NetSessions  ->  Get-NetSession Invoke-StealthUserHunter  ->  Invoke-UserHunter -Stealth Invoke-UserProcessHunter  ->  Invoke-ProcessHunter -Username X Get-NetProcesses  ->  Get-NetProcess Get-UserLogonEvents  ->  Get-UserEvent Invoke-UserEventHunter  ->  Invoke-EventHunter [Note] This post is a companion to the Shmoocon ’15 Firetalks presentation I gave, also appropriately titled “I Hunt Sys Admins”. The slides are here and the video is up on Irongeek. Big thanks to Adrian, @grecs and all the other organizers, volunteers, and sponsors for putting on a cool event! [Edit] I gave an expanded version of…