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Month: September 2018

From Kekeo to Rubeus

Kekeo, the other big project from Benjamin Delpy after Mimikatz, is an awesome code base with a set of great features. As Benjamin states, it’s external to the Mimikatz codebase because, “I hate to code network related stuff ; It uses an external commercial ASN.1 library inside.“ Kekeo provides (feature list not complete): The ability to request ticket-granting-tickets (TGTs) from user hashes (rc4_hmac/aes128_cts_hmac_sha1/aes256_cts_hmac_sha1) as well as applying requested TGTs to the current logon session. This provides an alternative to Mimikatz’ “over-pass-the-hash” that doesn’t manipulate LSASS’ memory and doesn’t require administrative privileges. The ability to request service tickets from existing TGTs. The only S4U…