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Month: July 2015

Domain Trusts: We’re Not Done Yet

[Edit 8/13/15] – Here is how the old version 1.9 cmdlets in this post translate to PowerView 2.0: Invoke-FindUserTrustGroups  ->  Find-ForeignUser Invoke-FindAllUserTrustGroups  ->  Find-ForeignUser -Recurse Invoke-FindGroupTrustUsers  ->  Find-ForeignGroup Invoke-MapDomainTrusts  ->  Invoke-MapDomainTrust Get-NetDomainControllers  ->  Get-NetDomainController Invoke-EnumerateLocalAdmins  ->  Invoke-EnumerateLocalAdmin Invoke-EnumerateLocalTrustGroups  ->  Invoke-EnumerateLocalAdmin -TrustGroups A few months ago, my colleague @sixdub and I presented our talk “Trusts You Might Have Missed” at BSides Chicago (the slides are posted here). We covered a lot of information that we’ve talked about in the “Trusts You Might Have Missed”, “Nodal Analysis of Domain Trusts – Maximizing the Win!”, and the “Domain Trusts: Why You Should Care” posts, as well as a few new developments. I wanted to do a writeup on the new material for anyone…